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Due to our day trading system's simplicity, there is little to explain although the mechanics of how we get the prices to you and how you act upon them, does require some detail.

The target prices for the next trading day are calculated by using studies of historical and intraday data - within an hour of market close and our subscribers are notified of them by email and SMS prior to the next day's trading.
Please note - You should be familiar with financial spread betting daily cash indices markets before subscribing to our service.
As well as the initial notification of target prices, we also provide a trade execution message during the trading day, when the market reaches our specified level which of course, indicates that your trade should be live. This reminder is again provided my email and SMS. Just a point of note, my colleague and I almost always use notification by mobile phone text message, as this generally ensures that where ever we are, we are made aware that our trade is open. We use the Sony Ericsson P910i latest GPRS mobile phone to access our day trading platforms via the Internet and place limit and stop loss orders - effectively erradicating the need to use the PC and give us the ability to trade on the move. We recommend as an efficient and competitive retailer.

Orders are placed within the first hour or so of market hours and if our targets are hit and our trade executed, we set limit and stop loss orders and walk away, therefore we know what our maximum gain or loss will be instantly. All of our trades are placed using spreadbets and due to the nature of Daily Cash markets, even if the market trades sideways for the rest of the day after our trade is executed, we will be closed out after market hours and therefore will not be exposed to potentially disastrous overnight market fluctuations.

FTSE Scenario
On Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm GMT the FTSE closes. analyses the market, calculates the numbers and notifies you of them. NB.-if you subscribe to our FTSE and DOW service then both sets of numbers will arrive with you together, to cut down on unneccessary administration.
.... Analysis complete, sends you the target entry levels for the days trading - BUY at 4388 SELL at 4343
You access your spread trading platform within the first hour or so of the market open and place new or 'opening' orders. Put a buy order in at 4388 and a sell order in at 4343 and specify them to be good for the day (GFTD).You then leave the market alone and get on with life!
So, let's say the market opens at 4362 - it moves sideways during the morning and then begins to move up. At 1:30pm the target BUY price of 4388 is triggered and your trade is live. You will receive notification of this from by email and SMS almost immediately. You then access your account and place open/close orders (OCO's) attached to that trade. Details of limit and stop order levels are discussed on our bank advice page.

DOW Scenario
On Wednesday evening at 9pm GMT the DOW closes, analyses market activity and provides you with the day trading target prices.

They are to BUY at 10356 and SELL at 10228. You place your GFTD opening orders and wait. The market opens at 10296 and trades sideways for the whole of the day hitting neither of the targets. Your orders were not triggered and therefore you have no gain and no loss, your orders are automatically cancelled and tomorrow is another day! - Professional, unbiased financial advice from the UK's top independent financial advisors. Certified Financial Advisors will match up your requirement and put you in touch with the very best IFA in your area that specialises in the products you may need financial help with

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